CFM Testing and Consultancy

The Centre for Future Materials through its structural and polymer testing facilities offers a suite of comprehensive testing services and consultancy to industry

External Services

Polymer Testing Services

Structural Testing Services

Materials Characterisation and Analysis

Expert Advice and Consultancy

Polymer Composites Testing Services

Research and Testing facility in Polymers and Composites

  • Flamability and flame toxicity
  • Viscosity
  • Permeability
  • Degree of Cure (%)
  • Heat Distortion Temperature (HDT)
  • Glass Transition Temperature (Tg)
  • Gel-Time
  • Spectroscopic Analysis (FTIR GC/MS)
  • Viscoelasticity

CFM Testing Clients

  • Marine and Boating Industry

  • Resin and Fibre Glass Manufacturers

  • Aircraft Industry

  • Defence Forces

  • Various International Companies

Structural Testing Services

STS tests according to Australian and New Zealand Standards (AS/NZS), American Standards (ASTM), International Standards (ISO) and MIL-17 norms

Composite Materials Testing

Tensile, Flexure, Compression, Shear, Marine Survey packages for the boating industry.

Load Testing

500kN Static and Dynamic load capacity


Lap Sheer, Tensile, Peel and Bond Testing

Sandwich Panel Constructions

Tensile, Bending, Density and Impact Resistance

Neat Resin Testing

Tesile, Compression, Flexural, Water Absorption, Barcol Hardness

Strain Guaging Capabilities

Data Acquisition Systems, On Site Capabilities

Material Characterisation

Llyods and DNV Type Certification Testing

Timber and LVL Testing

Tensile, Compression and Flexural Testing

Metallic Component Testing

Tensile, Compression, Flexural, Shear and Fatigue Testing.

Customised Test Packages

Composites Laboratory Training

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Composites Laboratory 360 virtual tour

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CFM Equipment

A Complete List of Equipment and Accessories

Mechanical Test Machines

MTS 810 Universal Testing MachineA6 100 kN, Servo Hydraulic, Dynamic Z104
MTS Alliance RT/10 Test Machine 10 kN, Electromechanical, Static P 9
MTS Insight Test Machine 100 kN, Electromechanical, Static P 9
Avery Universal Testing Machine 500 kN, Servo Hydraulic Z108
SANS Compression Machine Compression + Flexure P 11
Instron Dynatup Impact Tester Instrumentated, Low Impact Energy P 11
Instron Test Frame 250 & 500 kN, Servo Hydraulic, Dynamic WCFT
Plywood Test Machine 60 Tonne Capacity, Tension/Compression P 11 Storag

Data Acquisition Systems

Vishay System 5000 Data Acquisition System x 2 20 Channel Inputs – Expanable to 60 Channels P 11
Quantum MX1615 + Laptop 16 Channel Data Acquisition System P 9

Z4 Engineering Workshop

Mazak CNC Machining Centre 5 Axis Z 4
CNC Lathe Z 4
Water Jet Cutting Z 4

Ovens & Furnaces

Programmable Oven x 2 Ambient ~ 200°C P 9
Labec Digital Control Oven x 1 Ambient ~ 200°C P 11
Muffle Furnace x 1 Ambient ~ 800°C P 9
Labec Vacuum Oven Ambient ~ 200°C + Vacuum P 11

Other Testing Equipment

Atlas Suntest UV Weatherometer UV Exposure Testing P 11
Mettler Toledo Balance 280 grams maximum P 9
Barcol Impressor GRP Laminates and Resins P 9
Shore D Hardness Tester Soft Materials P 9
Digital Thermometer – Dick Smith 2 Channel Thermocouples P 9
Gel Tester Auto Gel Tester P 11
Glossmeter Digital Auto Gloss Meter P 9
GovMark Smoke Density Tester P 11
Discovery Rheometer on order P11
Simultaneous Thermal Analysis on order P11
Discovery DSC 25 Automatic on order P11
TA DMA on order P11

Thermal Analysis Laboratory

Carbolite Gero HST 12/400 Split Furnace SPF B 402
Thermo-Nicolet FTIR 6700 FTIR with TGA interface SPF B 402
Labec Furnace VTF 40/12 x 2 High Temperature Furnaces SPF B 402
MultiChrome MultiPycnometer Pycnometer for Density Measurements SPF B 402
Sartorius LP 6200 S Scale SPF B 402
Sartorius Moisture Analyzer MA 50 Moisture Analysis SPF B 402
TA Instruments DMA Q 800 Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer SPF B 402
TA Instruments DSC Q 100 Differential Scanning Calorimeter SPF B 402
TA Instruments TGA Q 5000 Thermo-gravimetric Analyzer SPF B 402
TA Instruments TMA Q 400 Thermo-mechanical Analyzer SPF B 402
Netzsch SBA 458 Nemesis® Seebeck Coefficient and Electrical Conductivity SPF B 402
Netzsch LFA 467 HyperFlash® HT – Light Flash Apparatus Thermal Conductivity Analyzer SPF B 402
BROOKFIELD DV-II+ Viscometer Viscosity Measurement SPF B 402
Geo-Con Concrete Carbonisation Chamber Carbonisation Apparatus

SPF B 402


Test Machine Accessories

MTS Lazer Extensometer 100mm Max Range, Axial P 9
MTS Extensometer (Bi-Axial) Axial and Transverse Channels P 9
MTS Single Extensometer 20mm Axial Direction Only Z104
Enviromental Chamber To suit MTS Static Machines, Ambient ~ 200°C P 9

Wyoming Test Fixtures

Wyomming Compression Test Fixture ISO 14126 – ELSS, CLC P 9
Wyomming Shear Test Fixture ASTM D 5379 – V-Notch Shear P 9
Wyomming Compression Test Fixture ASTM D 3410 – Celanese P 9

Force Application

Vetter Airbags x 4 900mm x 900mm (UDL) P 11
Enerpac Hydraulic Jack + Power Pack x 2 200 Tonne Capacity, 305mm Stroke P 11
Enerpac Hydraulic Jack x 1 50 Tonne Capacity, 85mm Stroke P 11
PowerTeam Hydraulic Jack x 1 30 Tonne Capacity, 60mm Stroke P 11
Enerpac Hydraulic Jack x 1 10 Tonne Capacity, 150mm Stroke P 11
Hydraulic Cyclinder 250mm Stroke, 20 Tonne P 11
Hydraulic Cyclinder 950mm Stroke, 20 Tonne P 11

Manufacturing Equipment

Pultrusion Machine P11
VARTM pump P11

Load Cells

AnyLoad 100 kN load Cell x 2 Pancake Type Compression P 11
AnyLoad 1000 kN load Cell x 1 Pancake Type Compression P 11
AnyLoad 2000 kN load Cell x 2 Pancake Type Compression P 11
Scale Components 444 kN Load Cell x 4 Pancake Type Compression P 11
Scale Components 5 kN load Cell x 1 S Beam, Tension/Compression P 11
Scale Components 22 kN load Cell x 1 S Beam, Tension/Compression P 11
Transducer Techniques 222 kN Load Cell x 1 Tension/Compression P 11
Transducer Techniques 10 Lb Load Cell x 1 S Beam, Tension/Compression P 9
Transducer Techniques 200 Lb Load Cell x 1 S Beam, Tension/Compression P 9
MeasureX Pressure Transducer x 2 1000 bar P 11
Gem Pressure Transducer x 1 1 bar P 11

Displacement Measurement

UniMeasure Wire Drawn Potentiometer x 8 381mm Stroke P 11
Opto NCDT Laser 200mm Range P 11
Midori LVDT x 3 50mm Stroke P 11
Gefran LVDT x 3 100mm Stroke P 11
Dial Gauge – Mitutoyo Dial Type, Metric + Magnetic Base P 9

P11 206 SHM/Smart Material

LMS SCADAS 16 Channel Vibration Testing P11 206
LDS PA25E Power Amplifies (2 Nos) For Shakers P11 206
Shaker V201 MR-CE Vibration Testing P11 206
Hammer PCB 086C04 Vibration Testing P11 206
Physical Acoustic 1283 USB AE Node (4 Nos) Acoustic testing P11 206
Micron Optics  SM125 four Channel( X100) FBG Sensing P11 206
Horiba  iHR 550 Spectrometer FBG Sensing/Spectroscopy P11 206
Fittel Splicer V200 Splicing Fibres P11 206
Insensys (TDM) Spectrometer (Under Repairs) FBG sensing P11 206
FLIR A65 thermal imaging camera ±5°C temperature mapping and analysis  P11 206
FBGT-200 Single Channel Interrogator Single Fiber Two Channel FBG Sensor Interrogator P11 206